Cancellations and Returns

Cancellations, Returns, and Refunds

All products that are sold on are sourced from suppliers based in the USA and thus buyers should take into consideration the logistics process including the costs and delivery time of products to the Philippines. This idea is likewise applicable for the returned products that are to be shipped backed to the suppliers or manufacturers in the USA.

Cancellation Policy

For orders that are unavailable or are delayed in fulfillment, we will first ask if customer is willing to wait for stock to be available or confirm if extended delivery date is acceptable. If not we will cancel the order and issue a 100% refund

For miscalculated shipping costs, our Customer Care will contact the you via phone call or email to check if you would be willing to give additional amount for shipping. In case the customer refuses, the order will be cancelled and we will process the full refund. In the same way, if shipping is over priced, we shall reimburse the excess to your credit card or bank account.

Regular and Custom Orders MAY be cancelled in case you made a mistake in placing the order. If item is not yet processed (ordered by our purchasing department), a ₱200 cancellation fee will be charged against you. On the other hand, order that has been processed cannot be cancelled anymore.

Returns Policy

Reason Time Line Return Procedures
Damage due to transit Within 3 days from the time of receipt of item Send us an email at within 3 days of receipt of item stating the reason for rejection.
Product is malfunctioning or is Dead on Arrival Within 3 days from the time of receipt of item Visit the product manufacturer’s website and notify them through the Customer Support that the items are faulty. Send us an email at with detailed description of the problem. Should the feedback from the manufacturer arrive, please provide a printed copy and send it back to us along with the defective product.
Wrong or incomplete item Within 3 days from the time of receipt of item Send us an email at within 3 days of receipt of item. Include photos of item/s and missing parts.
Not genuine or authentic Within 3 days from the time of receipt of item Send us an email at within 3 days of receipt of item. Include photos of item/s and explain why you think it's not authentic

Please be reminded that the outlined terms should be followed strictly to avoid inconvenience. All products eligible for returns must be re-packed in its ORIGINAL, UNDAMAGED packaging, along with its proof purchase (invoice) and certificates (warranty, certificate of authenticity). Cost of reshipping for domestic and international courier services should be borne by the Website. Loss or damage incurred during return shipment shall be the responsibility of the customers; thus shall not be held liable for any claims as a result of these circumstances. Items should be shipped back to:

  • Product Returns
  • Sterling Galleon Corporation
  • 2302 Sterling Place Pasong Tamo Extension, Magallanes, Makati City 1231, Metro Manila

Product warranty may not be valid for the following:

  • Products with missing Serial Number or UPC
  • Products that have damaged packaging and/or document (invoice, certificates) missing.
  • USED Items / Renewed Items / Refurbished Items
  • For non-Galleon items, a warranty may vary depending on the seller.

Non-Returnable Products

In addition to the list of Restricted Items. We do not accept returns of the following items:

  • Books
  • CDs, DVDs, Blue Ray Discs, Software Discs, and Video games
  • Prepaid game cards
  • Contact lens and solutions
  • Food
  • Medicines
  • Cosmetics
  • Apparel
  • Batteries
  • Cholesterol monitors
  • Diabetic/glucose monitors
  • Fragrances
  • Thermometry
  • Some Shampoo
  • Some Skin Care

Refunds Policy

Refund amounts are payable for the following valid and verified conditions:

  • Full refund (product cost, shipping cost and duty) for products that are damaged due to transit.
  • Full refund (product cost, shipping cost and duty) for products that are malfunctioning or are dead on arrival.
  • The refund process will take 8-10 business days (holidays and weekends are not included).

Please note that all returned items will be assessed by our quality team before considering it as a valid refund

Refund Procedure

For payments made via credit card, a refund will automatically be reversed and credited back into the credit card. This should reflect on the customer’s billing statement. Payments made via over-the-counter will be deposited in the customer’s preferred bank.

Please take note that we will not allow refunds for non-delivery of prohibited/restricted products that is impounded by the Philippine Customs. The complete list of restricted items is available at the Restricted Items section of the website.

Refund payment using LBC or Cebuana Lhuillier

Refund through LBC or Cebuana Lhuillier will require additional transaction fees. If you don't want to pay the transaction fee, send us an email at  with your bank details where we can deposit the refund.


If the refund is verified and approved, only then that the customer can order for a replacement or exchange for the item that is bought. No refunds will be issued for exchange. will shoulder product cost, shipping cost and duties for exchange or replacement items.

Refer to Cancellation and Returns page for further details.