Do I need a Paypal account to pay via Credit Card or Debit Card?

No you don't.

Think of Paypal as a credit card terminal only online. You just need to swipe or in this case enter your card details into the secure Paypal payment page

If you have a Paypal account you can use your Paypal balance / credits to pay.


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    Jerick San Jose

    Do you have the steps where I can follow to pay using my paypal account? I'm more comfortable using paypal.

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    Ronnie Guerrero

    Ahoy! On the item page on our website, kindly click BUY NOW to create your order, on the check-out page, choose payment method PAY with PAYPAL and submit order and you will be directed on the Paypal website, Fill up the form and input your card details for your payment. Thank you.