I’m not always at home to receive the item. Do you allow sending items to any LBC branch for pick-up instead?

Yes, we can get the items delivered to the LBC branch in your area for pickup. Package must be retrieved however within 5 days upon arrival. If you failed to pick up the item, it will be returned and you need to PAY another shipping fee before we ship it back.

You may also have someone receive the package for you at your address. Just inform us ahead of time so we can make arrangements.


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    Karmela Gaveria

    I prefer this one. Because I'm not always at home and no one can receive the package when I'm not home. Thank You :)

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    Danilo Solis

    This is the same case for me. I will have to find ways to have someone receive the Item for me.

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    Ron Reyes

    Can I request to ship the item to nearest LBC branch from where I work?

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    Bhoxzs Lester Bacus

    ilang araw po ba makukuha yung pinada...??


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    Ty Johnson

    will I get an email when my package arrives at LBC or do I have to just keep checking???

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    Galleon Support

    We will inform once LBC picks up items at our office but it would be best if you were to monitor your package


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